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This Press on nail set is made to order.
Please allow 2-3 days for order completion and additional delivery time.
Gel paint, false nails, gel polish, decorations
Press On Nails by Nails In The City gives you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in seconds for a bit of the salon cost.
Use nail glue to wear weeks straight.
Your order will contain a set of 20-22 press on nails in the style shown.
What's inside:
20-22 nails (amount depend on chosen shape)reusable, storage bag



Other option you can purchase things you need to stick them on:

small glue

small buffer

alcohol wipe

orange stick to push back cuticles

(this is slightly more expensive)



No returns or exchanges as orders are custom.But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


If you have questions about how to apply press on nails, remove press on nails or any other questions about press on nails, please feel free to get in touch with us! We'd love to help.
How to Apply Press-On Nails
1. Clip your nails. For the longest-lasting press on mani, clip your natural nails short
2. Clean your nails. Remove all polish and clean your nails well with soap and water to ensure a clean base for your press-on mani. After this clean them with rubbing alcohol tissue. From there, dry your nails completely and move to the next step.
3. Pick out your nail sizes. Put them in sizes in front of you on the table.
4. Apply one nail at a time. One finger at a time, cover your whole nail with glue, then align the press-on with your nail bed and press down firmly for 20 seconds, start from small one and finish with thumbs.

Press Ons Nails "pink what" Long ballerina shape. All sizes.