Phibrows microblading Cardiff Wales

Treatment option 1

New permanent makeup on eyebrows, eyes and lips

Properly shaped eyebrows dramatically enhance the beauty of a face by complementing the eyes and creating a youthful appearance.

 Powder-Stroke-Permanent Eyebrows

This is the most popular treatment. Anja developed this technique to provide clients with the perfect blend of microblading and digital permanent make-up. This treatment incorporates the use of both techniques to provide extremely crisp hairstrokes and natural-looking eyebrows. You have seen these special eyebrows on celebrities around the world.

Phibrows eyebrows is a training academy you can trust. Anja finished  6 months of training in 2017. 

Other training she finished:

-Aleksandra Gorecka PMU institute- microblading

-Marta Kot-Pakulska Mind&Beauty- year online workshop, all techniques 

-KBPRO- nanoblading eyebrows

-Paulina Osinkowska -ombre workshop

-Nataliya Yeremenko- masters hands

And she won't stop there :)

Semi permanent makeup Cardiff

Treatment option 2

Top up session

A touch-up treatment is recommended for 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure. At this session, we will make any needed final adjustments or additions to your permanent cosmetic enhancement, ensuring perfect results.

Eyebrow tattoo laser removal

Treatment option 3

Laser permanent make up removal

Permanent eyebrow tattoos have been around for many years, however, their popularity has recently exploded with new improvements in microblading techniques. When done properly, microblading can be fantastic! They look great and help cut time out of your daily make-up routine.

However...when eyebrow tattoos come out poorly, it can be an absolute NIGHTMARE! They are in an extremely visible location and are difficult to hide with make-up. We have had clients tell us that their self-confidence has been devastated by bad microblading and has even lead to severe depression.

Anja has helped hundreds of clients remove or lighten eyebrow tattoos. We use the industry’s best lasers to break up tattoo or micro-blading ink under your skin so your immune system can flush it out of your body. We use different lasers and wavelengths based on the ink colour and your skin tone. For online booking please search: laser permanent make up removal.

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Why should I consider permanent make-up?

 The most obvious benefit is reducing—or even eliminating—your everyday makeup routines. If you are very active, if you have lost hair or lip colour due to ageing, medical issues or are sensitive to traditional makeup, permanent makeup is a great option.

Eyebrows tattoo. Nanoblading. Ombree eyebrows in Cardiff

Do I have a choice of colour and shape?

We match colours for blonde, brunettes, or redheads and clients with different skin tones. Your wishes and needs are important, please speak to us. We will advise what is best for you. We will choose the right colour and shape for you. Please have realistic expectations. The choice is made based on the shape of your face. We will advise the best look. We will use pencil or pigment to draw on your skin until the desired shape is achieved. We will measure you to keep symmetry. After your acceptance, we will start the procedure.

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Is the procedure painful?

Most people experience some discomfort. This will vary according to each individual’s pain threshold. ​Having a cosmetic tattooing procedure is less painful than getting a regular tattoo.  Usually pain level is none too mild, but it is an individual thing. Typically, patients will report a tickling sensation with little or no discomfort during or after a procedure has been performed. Eyes and lips usually are more sensitive than eyebrows.

Laser tattoo eyebrows removal, laser removal, laser Cardiff

Can anyone have permanent make-up?

The short answer is no. While it’s suitable for most people, there are certain reasons that we can’t treat everyone. Before undergoing treatment, clients are always made aware that certain contraindications can prevent us from proceeding. These include:

  • High blood pressure or heart conditions

  • Taking blood-thinners such as aspirin or similar medication

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or lactating

  • Glaucoma

  • Herpes simplex

  • Certain skin conditions e.g. rashes, blisters, psoriasis, or eczema

  • Taking steroids such as cortisone, Accutane, Retin-A or Renova

  • Allergy to makeup

  • Acute acne in the treatment area

  • Susceptibility to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Hypertrophic scarring or keloids

  • Spider veins or a birthmark in the area they want to be treated

  • Blood disorder e.g. sickle cell anaemia, haemophilia, or a platelet disorder                                      For some of the above, we may also ask that you provide written authorization from your doctor before we can proceed.       

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How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes about 2 hours to 3 hours. Depends on what kind of procedure you choose. It starts with a consultation to check if you are a good candidate for this procedure. The process includes records establish, photographing, pre-drawing, measuring and pigment application. In the end, the technician will explain post care and take final pictures. At least one or more follow up visits to evaluate healed color and shape of the pigment is required.

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What is recovery time?

The skin might be red and swollen for a few hours after the procedure. The colour directly after the procedure is about 30-50% darker than the final result. During the healing period, you will experience oozing, scabbing and peeling of the skin in the treated area. It will take about a week to heal, sometimes longer. Depends on what type of procedure you have. Aftercare directions should be followed. 

Every person will receive aftercare cream.

There is no need to take time off work.


Microblading eyebrows

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Full eyebrow tattoo
Full eyebrow tattoo

New eyebrow treatment

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Colour correction in progress
Colour correction in progress

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Microblading eyebrows

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Consultation and patch tests are compulsory. Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer top-up treatments for people with previous work done elsewhere or for people who have not been in touch for 3 years. I do offer laser tattoo removal and as soon as possible we can redo the whole permanent make-up.

Book a consultation and more information will be sent via email.